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Vacation Coaching

Gillespie Sports is pleased to offer planned annual School holiday cricket clinics. Each clinic will be designed to help improve youngsters of all standards while also promoting the enjoyment, fitness, sportsmanship and values of the game of cricket.

All coaches are Cricket Australia Accredited and highly experienced current or former cricketers. We guarantee that your budding cricketers will concentrate on all the skills relating to becoming a very competent cricketer. They will go home with a better understanding of the game and their game.

Ages: 5-6 and onwards.
Where: Indoor Nets at Gillespie Sports, 375 Cross Road Edwardstown 5039
Dates: Contact us for specific dates –
Future Clinics: December 2020 Week 1 Vacation Classes

December 2020 Week 2 Vacation Classes

January 2021 Vacation Classes




Gillespie Sports Vacation Classes

Proudly Sponsored By Kookaburra

Proudly sponsored by Kookaburra

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Visit The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre
Visit The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre