Gillespie Sports Presents PitchVision

PitchVision is in South Australia at Gillespie Sports!It’s coming! From October 2016, Gillespie Sports will be able to take our Cricket Coaching to the next level. To the 21st Century!

PitchVision is a brand new state of the art training system that is used extensively in over 14 countries including South Africa, England, India and Dubai. It combines the very best of motion tracking and video analysis into 1 tool. It will bring elite feedback within minutes.

For the first time ever in South Australia and at Gillespie Sports, PitchVision will give us feedback with your batting and bowling that you never knew existed.

Not only that, you can take the information with you (via USB) and go into any Indoor Centre in the world that has PitchVision and keep working on your game. You will also have access on your mobile phone via an app.

It truly is a sensational coaching tool that we are very much looking forward to using.

Take Your Training To Another Level!

A $75 membership fee per annum is required to gain access to your data. *Note: Memberships are not transferable.

Once you have become a member, the costs to use PitchVision are:
30 minute sessions with PitchVision and a Cricket Australia Coach: $60
60 minute sessions with PitchVision and a Cricket Australia Coach: $99
*Note: Sessions must be pre-booked.

To become a member simply complete the membership form online or visit us at 375 Cross Road Edwardstown 5039 to complete your form & process payment.

Gillespie Sports and PitchVision – DOWNLOAD FORM

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