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Gillespie Sports only employ fully accredited Cricket Australia Coaches. Ranging from ex Test players like Peter Sleep, Ashley Woodcock, Ian Healy and Jason Gillespie (both subject to availability), to Ex Australia A and Redbacks players like Mark Harrity and Tim Nielsen. Then we have a range of coaches with over 20 years coaching experience. Some even have worked overseas (Ireland, Scotland, Sri Lanka and even Hungary!) These include… Greg Wyman, Madu (Sri Lankan First Class player), Andrew Groves, Shane McDermott, Derek Woodcock. And a wide range of current A Grade district cricketers who will be the next breed of Coaches in South Australia. Batting wise, our theory is simple. We don’t follow closely the theory of see ball hit ball. Your feet have to be in the right place otherwise you will be sat on your you know what watching someone else do it! Bowling wise, not everyone has to be the same!


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Proudly Sponsored By Kookaburra

Proudly sponsored by Kookaburra

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