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We’re on the move again!

Great News we can finally travel overseas again

Gillespie Sports is offering the opportunity for all U13’s to travel for a 14 day jam packed New Zealand Experience.

Leaving on the 28th December 2021 covering both the North and South Islands.

We will be playing 8 matches including an exciting Tournament in Hawkes Bay.

This coupled with the many exciting activities organised makes for a holiday to remember.

Check out the attached prospectus and register soon as this will sell out quickly ,we have a number of enquiries already.

With people just wanting to travel again this will be limited to 13 players and parents.

Don’t miss your opportunity get in early and reserve your spots Now.

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Customer Testimonial:

"The South African cricket tour was a valuable experience for Heath. Thanks to Woody and Duff for their efforts as tour coaches. Woody's tip to Heath on follow through likely contributed to Heath capturing a few wickets later in the tour.

"Congratulations to you and Camille for the itinerary which provided excellent cricket and tourism experiences. On the tourism side, there was a rich mix of African culture, history, scenery and wildlife. The cricket was tough but hopefully character building.


"David Edey "

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