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Sri Lanka Cricket Tour with Gillespie Sports


Dubai & Sri Lanka 2023

2 Exciting new Tours for 2023

U18 Dubai and Abu Dhabi April 2023

Coached by Jason Gillespie don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tour 2 July U15 TO Sri Lanka

All details of both tours to be released shortly

Email if you require more information

Limited to 13 playing spots each

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Customer Testimonial:

"The South African cricket tour was a valuable experience for Heath. Thanks to Woody and Duff for their efforts as tour coaches. Woody's tip to Heath on follow through likely contributed to Heath capturing a few wickets later in the tour.

"Congratulations to you and Camille for the itinerary which provided excellent cricket and tourism experiences. On the tourism side, there was a rich mix of African culture, history, scenery and wildlife. The cricket was tough but hopefully character building.


"David Edey "

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