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Dubai / Abu Dhabi

Dubai / Abu Dhabi Arch Tournament

  • The Words Largest International Junior Tornament
  • U15 and U19 Participants
  • April 2019


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South Africa 2018 [SOLD OUT]


South African Cricket Tour details (5MB) 

Congratulations on your opportunity to play our
wonderful sport in South Africa, a place where I
have toured as a player representing Australia.
This is your chance to put all the hard work and
effort from training and preparation into playing
matches in a different environment. An opportunity
to test your skills in many different situations and
conditions will certainly afford you a wonderful
chance to learn about yourself, your teammates
and the game. And it is exciting!

You are representing Gillespie Sports and our great
country Australia in South Africa for the tour. This
is a fantastic Responsibility.

I set you this challenge. What would you like the
people of South Africa who have met you and
played against you to say to their family and
friends when asked “How were those lads from the
Gillespie Sports Cricket Tour?”

Your words and Actions will dictate what their
response will be. Think about what you would like
people to say about you based on your attitudes,
efforts and personal Interactions with them.

Seize this opportunity and come to South Africa,
which is a brilliant place to play cricket. There is so
much to see and do. I can’t wait to hear all the
great things from the tour when you come back!

Go Well

jason gillespie




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